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deuterogamy (uncountable). A second marriage, after the death of the first husband or wife; in distinction from bigamy, as defined in the old canon law. (Can we ...

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deuterogamy. 1. Marriage a second time; marriage after the death of a first husband or wife; as distinguished from bigamy. 2. In botany, the condition in which ...

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deuterogamy, second marriage after the death of the first wife. deuteropathy, second illness in addition to an initial one. deuteroscopy, second view or meaning; ...

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second, secondary ⇒ deuterogamy ... deutero-; deuterocanonical · deuterogamy · deuteron · Deuteronomy · deuto- · deutoplasm · deutsche mark · Deutschland ...

Rumors have been heard for the deuterogamy of Humaima Malik ...


Aug 14, 2013 ... Rumors have been heard for the deuterogamy of Humaima Malik.

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noun. (plural) -mies. a second marriage contracted after the termination of the first by death or divorce. Also called: : deuterogamy Compare bigamy ...

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Sep 7, 2014 ... deuterogamy: marriage a second time; marriage after the death of a first husband or wife. digamy: another word for deuterogamy. endogamy: ...

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combining form. second or secondary ⇒ □ deuterogamy , ⇒ □ deuterium; (in chemistry) indicating the presence of deuterium ...

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Also called deuterogamy. —digamist , n. —digamous , adj. endogamy: the custom of marrying only within one's tribe or similar social unit. —endogamic ...

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Q: What is deuterogamy?
A: ( ′düd·ə′räg·ə·mē ) (botany) Secondary pairing of sexual cells or nuclei replacing direct copulation in many fungi, algae, and higher plants. Read More »
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Q: What is deuterogamy?
A: deu·ter·og·a·my (dt-rg-m, dy-) n. See digamy. Read More »
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deu·ter·og·a·my n. Remarriage after the death or divorce of one's first husband or wife. Also called digamy. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English ...

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noun deu·ter·og·a·my \ˌd(y)ütəˈrägəmē\. plural. Definition of DEUTEROGAMY. 1 . : digamy. 2. : secondary pairing of sexual cells or nuclei that replaces direct ...

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Marriage to two spouses simultaneously is bigamy, while digamy (or deuterogamy) is marriage to two spouses in succession. Having several spouses  ...