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[doo-tuh-rog-uh-mee, dyoo-]
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... cryptogam, deuterogamist, deuterogamy, digamous, digamy, endogamous, endogamy, exogamous, exogamy, gamete, gametic, gametocyte, gametogenesis , ...

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Deuterogamy definition, digamy. See more. ... dyoo-] /ˌdu təˈrɒg ə mi, ˌdyu-/. Spell Syllables. Word Origin. noun. 1. digamy. Origin of deuterogamy. Expand.

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Define deuterogamy: digamy. ... What made you want to look up deuterogamy? Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible).

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deu·ter·og·a·my n. Remarriage after the death or divorce of one's first husband or wife. Also called digamy. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English ...

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deuterogamy · Digamist · marriage ... deuterium · deuterium oxide · deutero- · deuterocanonical; Deuterogamist; deuterogamy · Deuterogenic · deuteromycete  ...

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deuterogamy (uncountable). A second marriage, after the death of the first husband or wife; in distinction from bigamy, as defined in the old canon law. (Can we ...

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deuterogamy. 1. Marriage a second time; marriage after the death of a first husband or wife; as distinguished from bigamy. 2. In botany, the condition in which ...

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second, secondary. ⇒ deuterogamy. Webster's New World College Dictionary, Fourth Edition, compiled by the editors of Webster's New World Dictionaries.