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Double Harness (1933) is an American Pre-Code film starring Ann Harding and William Powell. It was based on the play of the same name by Edward Poor ...


In double harness definition: in a harness for two animals pulling the same carriage , plow, etc. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


Double harness definition, harness for a pair of horses. See more.


in double harness. double harness (def 2). 10. in harness,. engaged in one's usual routine of work: After his illness he longed to get back in harness. together as ...


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to control so as to use the power of: to harness one's energy. harness Idioms. in double harness. in a harness for two animals pulling the same carriage, plow, ...


in harness with definition, meaning, what is in harness with: working together to achieve something. Learn more.


ElectricitySee wiring harness. Heraldryarmor for persons or horses. Idiomsin double harness. See double harness (def. 2). Idiomsin harness: engaged in one's ...


harness definition, meaning, what is harness: a piece of equipment with straps and belts, used to control or hold in place a person…. Learn more.