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The native flora of the Saskatchewan includes vascular plants, plus additional species of other ... Saskatchewan is committed to protecting species at risk in Canada. .... The Prairie is divided int...

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'a unique reference book for all Canadians', Robert MacNeil, Time MagazineThe Canadian Oxford Dictionary was the runaway bestseller of 1998, spending ...

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bigtooth aspen, bigtoothed aspen, big-toothed aspen, Canadian aspen, large tooth aspen, large-toothed aspen, Populus grandidentata - aspen with a narrow ...

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Late Middle English: from dialect asp (in the same sense) + -en, forming an adjective later used as a noun (late 16th century).

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Get the FREE one-click dictionary software for Windows or the iPhone/iPad and Android apps ... Of or relating to Canada or its people ... Canadian aspen

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Aspen definition, any of various poplars, as Populus tremula, of Europe, and P. tremuloides (quaking aspen) or P. alba (white aspen) of America, having soft ...

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Looking for definition of Canadian? Canadian explanation. Define Canadian by Webster's Dictionary, WordNet Lexical Database, Dictionary ... Canadian aspen

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Define Canada: country in North America. ... Definition of Canada for English Language Learners. : country in ... Will 'Kompromat' Make It into the Dictionary?

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The flora of the Hudsonian and the Canadian zone consists largely of white and black spruce, tamarack, canoe-birch, balsam-poplar, balsam-fir, aspen and grey  ...