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Frost definition, a degree or state of coldness sufficient to cause the freezing of water. ... The air was crisp and bracing, with a promise of frost and painted leaves .

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... a thin layer of ice that forms on the ground, on grass, etc., when the air becomes cold — frost in a sentence. ... Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary.

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frost definition, meaning, what is frost: the thin, white layer of ice that forms when the air temperature is below the freezing…. Learn more.

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Frost | a white deposit of ice particles, esp one formed on objects out of doors at ... SUMMERSuddenly all that change in the air tweaked like the fingers of frost.

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When Some one gets blanked or ignored by somebody.

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Conan - The Frost Giant's Daughter · The Wedding of ... This dictionary is derived from the sources listed following it. ... air, sky; upper room, lopt. ale, ǫl.

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KJV Dictionary Definition: frost. frost. FROST, n. 1. A fluid congealed by cold into ... In physiology, that state or temperature of the air which occasions freezing or ...

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Definition of frostnoun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and ...

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... Resources · Real Grammar · Pragmatics · Thesaurus · New Words · FAQ · Options · Macmillan Dictionary ... frosty. adjective. cold enough to produce frost ...

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Definition of frost written for English Language Learners from the ... a thin layer of ice that forms on the ground, on grass, etc., when the air becomes cold.

Frost is the coating or deposit of ice that may form in humid air in cold conditions, usually ... As a rule, except in conditions where supercooled droplets are present in the air, frost will form only if the deposition surface is colder than the ... More »
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1A deposit of small white ice crystals formed on the ground or other surfaces when the temperature falls below freezing: the lanes were glistening with frost it is ...

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Define frost. frost synonyms, frost pronunciation, frost translation, English ... Frost is formed when water vapor in the air condenses at a temperature below ...

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frost definition: The definition of frost is the icy crystals on things that are ... the icy crystals that form directly on a freezing surface as moist air contacts it; rime; ...