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Noun, 1. Asplenium ceterach - small European fern with chaffy leathery fronds. Ceterach officinarum, scale fern, scaly fern · fern - any of numerous flowerless ...

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Asplenium synonyms, Asplenium pronunciation, Asplenium translation, English ... Asplenium ceterach, Ceterach officinarum, scale fern, scaly fern - small ...

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Ceterach officinarum. Also found in: Thesaurus. Related to Ceterach officinarum: Asplenium ceterach. ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:.

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The most frequent ferns were: Cystopteris fragilis, Cheilanthes persica, Asplenium ruta-muraria, Asplenium ceterach, Adiantum capillus-veneris and ...

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Etymology The word ceterach comes from an Arabic word applied to the plant by ... Asplenium ceterach. clockwise from top, habit (with A. trichomanes), plant in ...

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May 4, 2013 ... Asplenium ceterach is a member of the Asplenium genus in the family Polypodiaceae. ... A. The New RHS Dictionary of Gardening. 1992.

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Location: Henroost Woods. Observed: 20th November 2014. Added: 31st January 2015. Likely ID: Rustyback (Ceterach officinarum (syn. Asplenium ceterach)).

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The common name of asplenium ceterach is scale or scaly fern. This fern is found ... Nicholson, George The Illustrated Dictionary of Gardening, Div. VI (London ...

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Observations in the Species: Asplenium cordatum. Showing all observations that have a likely ID using the The South African National Biodiversity Institute's southern African Species Dictionary. Included .... Asplenium (Ceterach) cordatum .

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Translation and Meaning of officinarum, Definition of Word officinarum in ... ( noun ) : scale fern , scaly fern , Asplenium ceterach , Ceterach officinarum , fern ...

Asplenium ceterach
Asplenium ceterach (syn. Ceterach officinarum) is a fern species commonly known as Rustyback. It is characterised by a short rhizome which gives rise to ... More »
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