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Asymptotic freedom


In physics, asymptotic freedom is a property of some gauge theories that causes bonds between particles to become asymptotically weaker as energy increases ...

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Asymptotic freedom definition, a property of the force between quarks, according to quantum chromodynamics, such that they behave almost like free particles ...

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Asymptotic definition, of or relating to an asymptote. See more. ... asymptotic property; asymptotic behavior. Origin of ... asymptotic freedom · witch of Agnesi ...

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as•ymp•tot•ic (as′im tot′ik),USA pronunciation adj. [Math.] Mathematicsof or pertaining to an asymptote. Mathematics(of a function) approaching a given value ...

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This condition is called asymptotic freedom. When one begins to draw the quarks apart, however, as when attempting to knock them out of a proton, the effect of ...

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plaining the physical origin of asymptotic freedom in QCD; then I will show how a recent .... then others that our result had any physical meaning at all.

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continuum limit hence enjoys a property called asymptotic freedom (AF), meaning ... been taken already and yields an infinite volume translation invariant Gibbs.

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Define asymptotic. asymptotic synonyms, asymptotic pronunciation, asymptotic translation, English dictionary definition of asymptotic. asymptote The x-axis and  ...

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2 Paradox Lost: Antiscreening, or Asymptotic Freedom ..... As a result of all this success, a new paradigm has emerged for the operational meaning.

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This condition is referred to as "asymptotic freedom". ... the force of containment gets weaker so that it asymptotically approaches zero for close confinement.

asymptotic freedom
a property of the force between quarks, according to quantum chromodynamics, such that they behave almost like free particles when they are close together within a hadron.
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