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Charm quark
The charm quark or c quark (from its symbol, c) is the third most massive of all quarks, a type of elementary particle. Charm quarks are found in hadrons, which  ... More »



There are six types of quarks, known as flavors: up, down, strange, charm, top, and .... Since "quark" (meaning, for one thing, the cry of the gull) was clearly ...

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Lucky as if protected by a charm or spell: a string of successes that made his friends think he ... (General Physics) physics possessing charm: a charmed quark .

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Join Us On. An Encyclopædia Britannica Company. Dictionary. Thesaurus. Medical. Scrabble ... of, relating to, or being a charm quark. See charmed defined for ...

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Vocabulary.com ... A charm is a magical spell or an object that brings luck: it's also a quality of being attractive and ... 3. n. (physics) one of the six flavors of quark ...

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Definition of “charmed” | The official Collins English Dictionary online. ... spell ⇒ □ he bears a charmed life; (physics) possessing charm ⇒ □ a charmed quark ...

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charm - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. ... a quantum number assigned the value +1 for one kind of quark, -1 for its ...

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Michelle charmed the policeman into letting her go without getting a speeding ... the value +1 for one kind of quark, −1 for its antiquark, and 0 for all other quarks.

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charm. See definition in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Line breaks: charm ... 4 [ mass noun ] Physics One of six flavours of quark. Example sentences .

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charm definition: The definition of charm is something thought to have magic ... in weak interactions that cause the decay of particles containing charm quarks. b.

charmed quark
the quark having electric charge 2/3 times the elementary charge and charm C = +1. It is more massive than the up, down, and strange quarks.
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the quark having electric charge 2/3 times the elementary charge and charm C = +1. It is more massive than the up, down, and strange quarks. Expand.

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delighted or fascinated: a charmed audience. 2. seemingly protected by a magic spell: he bears a charmed life. 3. (physics) possessing charm: a charmed quark ...

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A charmed particle is a particle that contains at least one charmed quark or charmed antiquark. The charmed quark was hypothesized to account for the ...

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the quark having an electric charge ? times the electron's charge, charm quantum number of 1, and more mass than the up, down, and strange quarks. [1975–80].

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The flavor of quark that has a charge of + <sup>2</sup>/3 , has a mass about 2,450 times that of an electron, and belongs to the second generation of elementary fermions.