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Digital satellite system definition, a network of satellites that broadcast digital signals to satellite dishes that decode the signals and transmit them to computers , ...

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Satellite definition, Astronomy. a natural body that revolves around a planet; a moon. ... We must make sure that our satellite early-warning systems are in place —in the ... Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition

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Digital satellite synonyms, Digital satellite pronunciation, Digital satellite translation, ... Noun 1. satellite television - a television system in which the signal is ...

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a receiver on a communications satellite. ... Type of: receiver, receiving system ... which is used in most digital cellular phones and digital satellite receivers.

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Noun 1. satellite receiver - a receiver on a communications satellite ... Scientific- Atlanta Expands PowerVu Digital System With New Headend and Business ...

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Binary: Numbers relating to a system of numeration having 2 as its base. Bird: An alternate name for a satellite. Bit: A single digital unit of information. Bit Rate: ...

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(4) (Digital Satellite System) The direct broadcast satellite (DBS) system from Hughes Electronics Corporation that delivers more than 175 TV channels.

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Commercial-free digital radio via satellite from SiriusXM Satellite Radio ... For non-satellite radios, portable units plug into the car's audio system, as well as a ...

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DBS systems that offer two-way Internet services also receive signals directly from ... DirecTV and USSB used the digital satellite system (DSS) standard with ...

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A typical VSAT dish is 0.9, 1.2, 1.8 or 2.4 meters (approximately 3 to 8 feet) in ... VSATs are associated with digital satellite systems operating in the C-band and ...

digital satellite system
a network of satellites that broadcast digital signals to satellite dishes that decode the signals and transmit them to computers, radios, and televisions. Abbreviation: DSS
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Digital Satellite System is the initialism expansion of the DSS digital satellite television transmission system used by DirecTV. Only when digital transmission was ... More »
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