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serving to announce or connect.
Anatomy. (of a nerve cell or a chain of nerve cells) serving to connect nerve fibers.
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Internuncial definition, serving to announce or connect. See more.

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British Dictionary definitions for interneuron ... Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition ... 1939, from internuncial + neuron.

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Linking two neurons in a neuronal pathway. [internunci(o) + -al.] in′ter·nun′cial ·ly adv. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition.

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Define internuncial: of or relating to an internuncio. ... Medical Dictionary. 1 ... of internuncial. : of, relating to, or being interneurons <internuncial fibers> ...

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in·ter·nun·ci·al. (in'tĕr-nun'sē-ăl),. 1. Indicating a neuron functionally interposed between two or more other neurons. Synonym(s): intercalary neuron. 2. Acting as  ...

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Medical Dictionary ... to another—called also association neuron, associative neuron, internuncial, internuncial neuron; compare motor neuron, sensory neuron ...

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Etymology: "internuncial" + "neuron" (Source: Oxford Dictionary) [more] ... interneuron [physiology] | internuncial neuron [synonym]. any neuron that connects ...

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association neuron — An internuncial neuron, that connects sensory and motor neurons, or other association neurons of the central nervous system; a connector  ...