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ISO 10646


In recent years, Unicode (equivalent to ISO/IEC 10646 standard) are ... ISO/IEC 10646-2:2001 with ideographic characters mainly from Kang Xi Dictionary, Han ...

Iso rating | Define Iso rating at Dictionary.com


Iso rating definition at Dictionary.com, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!

FAQ - Unicode and ISO 10646 - Unicode Consortium


Jul 4, 2016 ... What is the relation between ISO/IEC 10646 and Unicode? ... Where do I find out which version of ISO/IEC 10646 is equivalent to a given ...

ISO (photography) - The Free Dictionary

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(Photography) the sensitivity to light of a photographic film, specified in terms of the film's ISO rating. 2. (Film) the rate at which the film passes through a motion ...

OGCIO : ISO/IEC 10646 International Standard : What is the ISO/IEC ...


The ISO/IEC 10646 provides a unified standard for the coding of characters in all major ... All the characters in the Kangxi Dictionary, Hanyu Dazidian and Hanyu ...

ISO 10646


ISO 10646 Coding Standard. To provide a common technical basis for the processing of electronic information in various languages, the International ...

The XML FAQ: Can XML use non-Latin characters?


Yes, the XML Specification explicitly says XML uses ISO 10646, the international ... get confusing, as can the numbers: see the ISO 10646 Concept Dictionary.

C.10 Can XML use non-Latin characters? - O'Reilly Media


Yes, the XML Specification explicitly says XML uses ISO 10646, the international ... get confusing, as can the numbers: see the ISO 10646 Concept Dictionary.

unicode(7): universal char set - Linux man page


The international standard ISO 10646 defines the Universal Character Set (UCS). ... 10646-2 cover only more exotic characters for special scientific, dictionary ...

UTF-8 and Unicode FAQ - The Computer Laboratory


Jun 4, 1999 ... So what is the difference between Unicode and ISO 10646? ...... and lowercase first character next to each other (like in a dictionary), and file ...

Universal Coded Character Set
The Universal Coded Character Set (UCS), is a standard set of characters defined by the .... In 1990, therefore, two initiatives for a universal character set existed: Unicode, with 16 bits for every character (65,536 possible characters), and ISO ... More »
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Iso | Define Iso at Dictionary.com


word-forming element meaning "equal, similar, identical; isometric," from comb. form of Greek isos "equal to, the same as" (e.g. isometor "like one's mother").

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Iso- definition, a combining form meaning “equal,” used in the formation of compound words: isochromatic; in chemistry, used in the names of substances which ...

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An organization, the International Organization for Standardization, that sets standards in many businesses and technologies, including computing and ...