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king's pattern | Define king's pattern at's pattern
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King's peace | Define King's peace at's peace

(in early medieval England) the protection secured by the king for particular people or places. 2. (in medieval England) the general peace secured to the entire ...

King's english | Define King's english at's english

standard, educated, or correct English speech or usage, especially of England. Expand. Also called, when a queen is sovereign, queen's English. Origin of ...

King's weather | Define King's weather at's weather

King's weather definition, fine weather; weather fit for a king. See more.

King's dale | Define King's dale at's dale

mentioned only in Gen. 14:17; 2 Sam. 18:18, the name given to "the valley of Shaveh," where the king of Sodom met Abram. Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary

King's bounty | Define King's bounty at's bounty

King's bounty definition, a grant, given in the royal name, to a mother of triplets. See more.

King's highway | Define King's highway at's highway

King's highway definition, a highway built by the national government. See more.

King-hell | Define King-hell at

Slang definitions & phrases for king-hell. Expand. king-hell. modifier. Very severe ; outstanding; world-class: The poor fool is pushing a stroller around the zoo in ...

King shilling | Define King shilling at shilling

(until 1879) a shilling given a recruit in the British army to bind his enlistment contract. Expand. Also called, when a queen was sovereign, queen's shilling.

King's ransom | Define King's ransom at's ransom

King's ransom definition, an extremely large amount of money: The painting was sold for a king's ransom. See more.

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King's pattern | Define King's pattern at

King's pattern definition, a spoon pattern of the 19th century having a stem decorated with threads, scrolls, and shell motifs. See more.

King's evidence | Define King's evidence at

evidence for the crown given by an accused person against his or her alleged accomplices. Expand. Also called, when a queen is sovereign, queen's evidence.

King's men | Define King's men at

an English theatrical company originally called Lord Chamberlain's Men, founded in the late 16th century: William Shakespeare was the company's principal ...

King's crown | Define King's crown at

King's crown definition, a tropical American shrub, Justicia carnea, of the acanthus family, bearing clusters of tubular reddish flowers. See more.

King's proctor | Define King's proctor at

a British judiciary officer who may intervene in probate, nullity, or divorce actions when collusion, suppression of evidence, or other irregularities are alleged.