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Low Prussian (German: Niederpreußisch), sometimes known simply as Prussian (Preußisch), .... Bd. 1, Lf. 1. Neumünster (Wachholtz) 1974; Ziesemer, Walther.

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Neumic definition, any of various symbols representing from one to four notes, used in the musical notation of the Middle Ages but now employed solely in the ...

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Dictionary.com Unabridged Based on the ... British Dictionary definitions for Schleswig-Holstein ... Holstein · Kiel · Lauenburg · Neumünster · Prusso-Danish War ...

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Regaining some momentary composure, the girl turned her eyes once more aside and looked through the neuk window towards the south. The Shadow of a ...

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A sign used in the notation of plainsong during the Middle Ages, surviving today in transcriptions of Gregorian chants. [Middle English, series of notes sung on ...

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Of or relating to a nerve or the nervous system. 2. Of, relating to, or located on the same side of the body as the spinal cord; dorsal.



This Dictionary is based upon „The Etymological Dictionary of Prussian“ by ... Ulrich Tolksdorf, Reinhard Goltz: Karl Wachholtz Verlag, Neumünster, 1974-93 f.

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... Hochdeutsch - Plattdeutsch. Plattdeutsche Rechtschreibung, sixth revised edition (2011, ISBN 978-3-529-03000-0, Wachholtz Verlag, Neumünster). Retrieved ...

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26. Mai 2015 ... Neumünster 1988, 276 S. ... Neumünster 1994, 381 S. .... zusammen mit Wilts, O.: Who writes a North Frisian dictionary for whom and why? in: ...