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[oh-lin-duh; Portuguese oo-leen-dah]
a city in NE Brazil, N suburb of Recife, on the Atlantic coast: beach resort.
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Olinda is an historic city in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco, located on the country's northeastern Atlantic Ocean coast, just north of Recife and south of ... More »
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Urban Dictionary: Brea Olinda High School

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Up on a hill overlooking the beautiful smog of Southern California, Brea Olinda High School is the stereotype of a normal high school. Besides the ...

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Abrus precatorius, known commonly as jequirity, Crab's eye, or crab's eye creeper, cock's eyes, .... Sinhalese: Olinda; Tamil: Gundumani, Kundumani ( குந்து...

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First the town of Olinda, and then the neighbouring town of Recife, were captured , after very severe fighting. South America W. H. Koebel. British Dictionary ...

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Olivaceous definition, of a deep shade of green; olive. See more.

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Olingo definition, any raccoonlike, nocturnal, fruit-eating mammal of the genus Bassaricyon, inhabiting tropical jungles from Nicaragua to Peru and Bolivia and ...

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Olin is the prisoner of the Teuctli," murmured the captive, in words scarce understood by any one present, except Juan. The Infidel, Vol. I. Robert Montgomery ...

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