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either of two European plants belonging to the genus Lunaria, of the mustard family, L. annua or L. rediviva, cultivated for their shiny flowers and large, round, flat, satiny pods.
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a. A smooth, often silk fabric that is woven with a glossy face and a dull back. b. A garment made of this fabric. 2. A kind of paint that dries to a smooth shiny finish ...

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any of a genus (Lunaria) of plants of the crucifer family, with purple and white flowers and large, flat, oval pods; esp., a plant (L. annua) whose pods are used in  ...

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honesty | honesties [plural] | money plant [sense-specific] | satin flower ... grown especially for its seed pods that are silvery white when dried (19 of 35 words).

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A short, explosive burst of breath or wind:. Meaning, pronunciation and example sentences, English to English reference content.

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Define Honesty by Webster's Dictionary, WordNet Lexical Database, Dictionary of ... Synonyms: Lunaria annua, money plant, satin flower, satinpod, silver dollar ...

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Synonyms: Lunaria annua, honesty, satin flower, satinpod, silver dollar. Type of: herb, herbaceous plant. a plant lacking a permanent woody stem; many are ...

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satin (n.m.) sateen satira (n.f.) satire savan (n.m.) shroud ..... slovar' (n.m.) dictionary, vocabulary slovarnyi (adj.) ..... struchok (n.m.) pod struit'sya (v.impf.) stream.

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A unicellular, natural fiber that grows in the seed pod of the cotton plant. Fibers are ... A satin fabric in which highly twisted yarns are used in the filling direction.

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Antique Satin: A reversible satin-weave fabric with satin floats on the ..... Kapok: A short, lightweight, cotton-like, vegetable fiber found in the seed pods of the Bombocaceae tree. ... Name derived from East India word meaning "earth color.

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either of two European plants belonging to the genus Lunaria, of the mustard family, L. annua or L. rediviva, cultivated for their shiny flowers and large, round, flat ...

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a fabric in a warp-effect or filling-effect satin weave, as acetate, rayon, nylon, or silk, often having a glossy face and a soft, slippery texture. 2. satin weave. 3.

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a somewhat elongated, two-valved seed vessel, as that of the pea or bean. 2. a dehiscent fruit or pericarp having several seeds. 3. Entomology. an insect egg ...

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Define satin: cloth that has a smooth, shiny surface—usage, synonyms, more. ... Full Definition of satin. : a fabric (as of silk) in satin weave with lustrous face and dull back. See satin defined for ... BROWSE DICTIONARY. Previous.

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IPod definition, a brand of portable digital media player: These instructions tell you how to download or transfer songs to your iPod. See more.