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Tortuousness - definition of tortuousness by The Free Dictionary


Having or marked by repeated turns or bends; winding or twisting: a tortuous road through the mountains. 2. Not straightforward; circuitous; devious: a tortuous  ...

Torulae - definition of torulae by The Free Dictionary


Define torulae. torulae synonyms, torulae pronunciation, torulae translation, English dictionary definition of torulae. n any of various species of fungal ...

Tortive - definition of tortive by The Free Dictionary


Define tortive. tortive synonyms, tortive pronunciation, tortive translation, English dictionary definition of tortive. adj twisted.

Torturesome - definition of torturesome by The Free Dictionary


Define torturesome. torturesome synonyms, torturesome pronunciation, torturesome translation, English dictionary definition of torturesome. Adj. 1. torturesome ...

Torulose - definition of torulose by The Free Dictionary


Define torulose. torulose synonyms, torulose pronunciation, torulose translation, English dictionary definition of torulose. adj alternately swollen and pinched ...

Torturable - definition of Torturable by The Free Dictionary


Torturable synonyms, Torturable pronunciation, Torturable translation, English dictionary definition of Torturable. a. 1. Capable of being tortured.

Torturingly - definition of Torturingly by The Free Dictionary


Define Torturingly. Torturingly synonyms, Torturingly pronunciation, Torturingly translation, English dictionary definition of Torturingly. adv. 1. So as to torture.

Torturous - definition of torturous by The Free Dictionary


Define torturous. torturous synonyms, torturous pronunciation, torturous translation, English dictionary definition of torturous. adj. 1. Of, relating to, or causing ...

Tortuosities - definition of tortuosities by The Free Dictionary


Define tortuosities. tortuosities synonyms, tortuosities pronunciation, tortuosities translation, English dictionary definition of tortuosities. n. pl. tor·tu·os·i·ties 1.