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Noun, 1. wild red oat - Mediterranean oat held to be progenitor of modern cultivated oat. animated oat, Avene sterilis · oat - annual grass of Europe and North ...

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Noun, 1. animated oat - Mediterranean oat held to be progenitor of modern cultivated oat. Avene sterilis, wild red oat · oat - annual grass of Europe and North  ...

Wild oats - definition of wild oats by The Free Dictionary

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1. often wild oats Any of various oats that are not cultivated and are often weeds in cereal crops, especially Avena fatua. 2. wild oats Misdeeds and indiscretions ...

sow your wild oats definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary


Define sow your wild oats and get synonyms. What is sow your wild oats? sow your wild oats meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary.

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Oat definition, a cereal grass, Avena sativa, cultivated for its edible seed. See more. ... any of several plants of the same genus, as the wild oat. 4. Archaic. a ...

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Wild oat definition, any uncultivated species of Avena, especially a common weedy grass, A. fatua, resembling the cultivated oat. See more.

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Wild Oat. Someone that is virtually a bum suffering from a sex addiction. You may see those pervert old guys that stand on the side of the street and watch ...

Wild Rice | Definition of Wild Rice by Merriam-Webster

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Define wild rice: a kind of grain that is produced by a tall North American plant that ... dictionary thesaurus. An Encyclopædia Britannica Company ... wild red oat .

oat - definition of oat in English | Oxford Dictionaries


Meaning, pronunciation, example sentences, and more from Oxford Dictionaries. ... 1.2 Used in names of wild grasses related to the cultivated oat, e.g. wild oat.

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If you ever eat oatmeal for breakfast, you know what an oat looks like, at least in its rolled, flake-like form. The Old English root is ate, "grain of the wild oat plant.

Avena sterilis - Wikipedia
Avena sterilis is a species of grass weed, and its seeds are edible. External links[ edit]. Federal Noxious Weed Disseminules of the U.S.: Avena sterilis · Plants ... More »
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