Did you mean: does having your tongue pierced hurt more than having a tattoo?
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I have 2 tongue piercings and the one furthest back has torn... - Q&A


Oct 10, 2003 ... hey im 15 i want to get my tongue pierce so i dont no what your ... they pierce the tongue, but if you think it hurt your a wimp, it was more of a .... (other than getting it done perfessionally... cuz trust me dude... i already tried it... and yeah. .... done and its not like a tattoo or something i mean u can always t...

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Sep 14, 2006 ... Tattoos and body piercing are not only showing up on celebrities ... It was nerve- wracking just to watch a man receiving a small tattoo on his wrist and a lady have her tongue pierced, so I ... tattoo removal hurts more than getting it done.do yourself a favour... ... I hope your tatooist is better at spelling than u.

Belly piercings without pain? Use Dr. Numb! The numbing cream ...


Busting Belly Piercing Myths-- Great thing to read before you eat your bellybutton pierced! so good ... I want my navel pierced just so I can have cute belly rings. ... Im getting a nose and belly button piercing cant wait! ... Called a tattoo guy, he said it'd hurt worse than havin' a baby! ..... I actually really like the tong...

Oral (Lip and Tongue) Piercings: Risks, Home Care, and More


Learn the risks of getting an oral piercing in the lip, cheek, or tongue as well ... 17 Common Mouth Problems · Habits That Wreck Your Teeth ... have a greater risk of gum disease than those without oral piercings. ... Teeth that come into contact with mouth jewelry can chip or crack. ... Tattoo Safety, and Safe Tattoo Removal.

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I thought about having that too tongue ... Make I no lie, the Tip piercing HURT because I guess the ... But since u can endure pain, I'm sure u won't have any problem with the ... Abegi aloib. . .lol be like say your bros tame, my own na craze man tongue ... Must say the Tip one hurt. . .it hurt more than the other

First You Pierce Your Nose, Then You Have Illegitimate Children ...


Aug 24, 2008 ... Mom: You'll pierce your nose, get a trashy boyfriend and end up with illegitimate children. ..... Im 21 and I have more piercings and tattoos than I can count. ..... gonna hurt i mean ive got both of my cartlidges (tops of my ears) pierced .... and i got my tongue pierced, then I got my Nipple and belly button done.

How TATTOOS can harm your health: Many getting ... - Daily Mail


May 28, 2015 ... How TATTOOS can harm your health: Many getting inked suffer infection, ... A US study shows more than one in 20 people getting 'inked' suffer ..... Braless Kendall Jenner shows off her nipple piercing in a pink satin gown as ...

Sad news | BME: Tattoo, Piercing and Body Modification News


Nov 13, 2009 ... I don't have more news than this but I thought that it was a relevant piece to share . ... a tongue piercing is a depressing sign of what anger individuals can have ... to visit my folks after having my face tattooed my Ma didnt even notice. .... #23, stormchaser : Thanks for your lesson on criminal law you fucking ...

Why do people want to get their tongues pierced? (30 replies ...


Uh, yeah I dunno where people are getting the idea that it affects your speech. ... Does it hurt more when you get your tongue pierced, or when you get your ... for her bf's birthday as a presant because it feels better wen havin oral sex or summot ... eyebrow, lip) so i went to the nearest tattoo parlor and did it up. it was not t...

A Wild in Colbie - Colbie shopes: Tattoo and Piercings Parlor ...


Apr 16, 2013 ... This tattoo meant more then just having a tattoo, it was a sign of her ..... twice your size and almost killed more times than you can count you ... Merlin hates the idea of hurting her, she is the one person he has always wanted to protect. ..... December allowed her tongue gracefully entangle with his as they ...

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Piercings! Would you if your man asked you to? [Archive] - Prison Talk


I already have my tongue, nose, and navel pierced. ... He does want me to get a tattoo when he comes home. ... Sidenote, when I was talking to him about getting my navel pierced, he said that he kinda wanted me to get it done because he thought it .... My nipples hurt more than my clit, but it was worth it.

I Got 9 And Want More Which One Hurt For You??? - Circle of Moms


May 4, 2009 ... Where is all of your tattoos and where do you think if i get them up my side ... in a spot on your body its more then likely is going to hurt more, not sure if its true bout everyone .... (also have tongue, labret and eyebrow pierced) I think it is a tie .... I have heard that getting tatted on the ribs really hurts but ...

Peircings Tattos and Braces on Pinterest | Braces, Piercings and ...


Piercings, tattoos, and braces I would like | See more about Braces, Piercings and Piercing. ... Tongue Piercings .... How often do you get your finger tattoos touched up? It's probably time for me to go in ..... I am really considering getting a rose on my shoulder. .... Called a tattoo guy, he said it'd hurt worse than havin'...