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Auto-Tune is an audio processor created by Antares Audio Technologies which uses a ... The processor slightly shifts pitches to the nearest true semitone (to the exact pitch of the nearest tone in traditional equal temperament). Auto-Tune can also be used as an effect to distort the human voice when pitch is raised or ...


In music, there are two common meanings for tuning: Tuning practice, the act of tuning an ... Alternatively, each string can be tuned to its own reference tone. .... More complex musical effects can be created through other relationships.


Apr 5, 2004 ... Temperature can affect the sound of an instrument in a variety of ways, which are ... Most temperature-related issues can be corrected by tuning either the ... an instrument to extreme temperatures can change its tone as well.


-you will have more precise fine tuning with three springs (turning the claw screw ... Springs do affect the timbre of the instrument in some way.


Tuning down also effects the overall sound of the instrument, even when playing ... An additional point is that a guitar tuned a half/whole step down will be ... tone and mostly all his songs are in Eb standard or Drop C# tuning.


Jun 4, 2011 ... We can go one of two ways here: tune one string to a reference tone and ... the effect of the inherent compromises involved in guitar tuning.


When an instrument is out of tune it means that the pitch or tone of the ... Also changes in temperature and humidity can affect some sensitive instruments.


Mar 10, 2015 ... Because the guitar uses equal-temperament tuning, it can never ... else on your guitar—such as the truss rod—that could affect the length of the ...


Mar 6, 2015 ... Does the tone get affected differently in either extreme, or anywhere .... or starting tuning from the highest string to lowest instead of the other ...


What is 'scale length'? How does the scale length affect the guitar's tone? Why is a guitar's saddle slanted? Why do some guitars play more in tune than others?