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1 Whaling; 2 Douglas Mawson Expedition; 3 Trans Antarctic Expedition ... After his legendary ordeal on Endurance in the Weddell Sea sector, ... her coal and was taken to the Jubilee Dry Dock in Blam...

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Clothes need to be kept dry and clean to maintain their best insulating qualities. ... flat (tabular) ones you may have heard of, slide down to the sea as part of a glacier and then start to float while still attached. .... The Endurance - Shackleton's

Greenland Ice Loss Increases Fivefold From Late 1990s, West ...


Aug 21, 2014 ... Greenland's Late August Rain Over Melt Ponds is a Glacial Outburst Flood Hazard .... If Greenland and West Antarctica melt faster, you end up with a bit less warming ..... used in applications such as dry cleaning and as a fire-extinguishing agent, .... Basically, it's the physical limits of human heat endurance...

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aboard the Endurance, it is said that Shackleton posted the following .... and crevassed glaciers on foot across South Georgia Island to a whaling ..... 160 1 ounce cashews, dry- or oil-roasted .... time we have a spring cleaning, but a fresh.

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ENDURANCE gear on its pallet, waiting to be loaded into the C17. ... We had breakfast at 7am as usual then off to Crary to track last minute clean up .... setting up the lightweight gantry that had been used at the glacier melt hole, laying down .... He has been studying the lakes in the Antarctic Dry Valleys for 15 years and is a ...

Taylor Glacier or Bust! | Travels and travails of an aught-niner.


The West Lake Bonney ENDURANCE project has come to a successful end. ... It was perfect for a group of people looking to readjust from the splendors of the Dry Valleys. Instead of ... What a perfect closing parenthesis to our Antarctic experience. ... We spent it cleaning up, packing, and returning stuff we checked out at the ...

Gallery 3: The Ross Sea - Ushuaia-Antarctica-New Zealand


Jan 15, 2013 ... The shoe cleaner job outside the old hut was not the most pleasant occupation ... attempt later, then from the Weddell Sea side with the famous Endurance. ... that flow out into the sea, but not from glaciers that and on dry land.

Greywater and Waste | Ice Stories: Dispatches From Polar Scientists


Jan 5, 2010 ... BEACON VALLEY, ANTARCTICA- One of the more common ... one Endurance Tent, scientific equipment, and the bare minimum of ... Greywater is any sort of wastewater resulting from cleaning, cooking, ... Cleaning pans, utensils, plates, and mugs consists of a quick wipe down with a dry paper towel.

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Apr 21, 1998 ... While the ice on the eastern side of the continent rests on dry land, most of the ... NARRATOR: The bolts reveal that the ice at the bottom of the glacier only moved ... In 1914, the British ship, Endurance, headed for Antarctica. ..... In this test, two electrodes are dragged across a clean surface of the ice core.

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Shackleton felt that the first crossing of the Antarctic Continent, from sea to sea ... the arrival of the Trans-continental party at the top of the Beardmore Glacier. Two ships were required for the expedition. The ENDURANCE would be used to transport the Trans-continental party to .... A bi-weekly performance, cleaning the Ritz ...

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Only the Taylor and upper Wright Valleys have glaciers at their heads, which connect ... Antarctic Dry Valley glaciers are clean and white, with a minimum of rock ...

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Nu-Yale Cleaners. Main Plant/Office. 6300 E. Hwy 62. Jeffersonville, IN 47130- 8770. Phone: (812) 285-7400. Fax:(812) 285-7421 CustomerService@nuyale.

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In 2008/2009, Nu Yale Cleaners converted its dry cleaning process to a new Glacier Dry Cleaning process. Nu Yale Cleaners is proud to be the first in the ...

Emma Travels To... Antarctica: ENDURANCE - Man, this Bot has a ...


Oct 30, 2009 ... Endurance is a large (7ft tall and wide and 3,00lbs) AUV, autonomous ... the West Lobe of Lake Bonney and the interface of the lake and Taylor Glacier. ... the extreme environment of a perennially ice-covered Antarctic dry valley lake. .... Bart was cleaning the robot's room, as we put it, unloading boxes and ....

The Antarctic Book of Cooking and Cleaning: The Extraordinary ...


May 5, 2015 ... The Antarctic Book of Cooking and Cleaning: The Extraordinary Edible Record of Two ... Frank Hurley working under the bows of the Endurance, 1915. ... Cut the fish into ½- to ¼-inch steaks and pat dry. .... Devine considers women's evolving role in polar research, however glacial the pace of that evolution:.