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Edward William Felten (born March 25, 1963) is a Professor of Computer Science and Public ... Microsoft[edit]. Felten was a witness for the United States government in United States v. .... (April 9...

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When a team led by Princeton Professor Edward Felten accepted a public ... Transcript of final hearing before US federal court, in Felten et al. v RIAA et al. ( Nov.

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According to Professor Ed Felten, both approaches are vulnerable to cracking ... RIAA v. Verizon Case, EPIC. DRM is a Threat to Open Source Software ..... Fahrenheit Entertainment, Sunncomm et al., a challenge to the use of Digital Content ...

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ties, headed by computer scientist and security expert Edward Felten, successfully met the ... See Electronic Frontier Foundation, “Felten, et. al. v. RIAA, et. al.”.

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Princeton University Professor Edward Felten cancelled plans to de- ... 9. Id. 10. Felten v. RIAA, No. CV 01-2669 <http://www.eff.org/IP/DMCA/Felten-vRIAA/ ... Scott A. Craver et al., Reading Between the Lines: Lessons from the SDMA Chal-.

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Jun 22, 2006 ... In 2001, Princeton computer science professor Ed Felten was getting ... The RIAA , in a rare moment of clarity, realized this was insanely risky ...

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May 14, 2009 ... ... an amicus curiae brief in the case of Sony BMG Music Entertainment, et al. v. .... It was the RIAA that attacked Princeton scientist Ed Felten for ...

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Jan 1, 2007 ... Hugenholtz ed., 1996). [Vol. 6. HeinOnline .... Samuelson, The Generativity of Sony v. ... Mulligan et al., supra note 11; Ken Fisher, Musicload: 75% of Customer Service ..... Nor could Princeton Computer Science Professor Ed Felten have ... " crack" recently developed TPMs for recorded music files.65 RIAA.

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Aug 6, 2004 ... Association of America (“RIAA”) filed lawsuits against 261 .... Bytes the Dust in Recording Industry Ass'n of America v. ..... See also Ditzion et al., supra note 54, at 302; supra notes 29–31 ..... Here, Edward Felten, a Princeton.

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Jan 25, 2005 ... (DMCA).9 In DVD Copy Control Association v. .... ROBERT P. MERGES ET AL., INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY IN THE NEW TECHNOLOGICAL. AGE 450 (3d ed. ...... Frontier Found., supra note 17 (basing their belief on Sony, and RIAA v. ... In one case, Dr. Edward Felten, a Princeton professor, took up.

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Joint press release from CRA and Berkman Center for Internet & Society; Edward Lazowska's declaration on behalf of the CRA in the case of Felten et al. vs.

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Capitol Records Inc. et al. v. MP3TUNES ... et al., v. RIAA, et al. Resource Page · Edward Felten, The Chilling Effects of the DMCA, (March 29, 2013), Slate.com.

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