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Elisha is a prophet and a wonder-worker mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, the Quran, the Ginza Rba and Bahá'í writings. His name is ...

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Elisha was the faithful disciple of the prophet Elijah, and his successor. He had followed his master from the moment they met, when Elisha was a young man, ...

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Elisha. (God his salvation), son of Shaphat of Abel-meholah; the attendant and disciple of Elijan, and subsequently his successor as prophet of the kingdom of ...

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Elisha fulfilled the three-fold commission which his mentor had received in 1 Kings 19:15-16, part of which was that he would succeed Elijah as Israel's prophet.

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Meet the prophet Elisha at Biography.com. According to the Bible, Elisha succeeded Elijah and overthrew the ruler of ancient Israeli.

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15); though the latter name may also be interpreted as "God is opulence," which significance König prefers for "Elisha." The son of Shaphat, a wealthy landowner  ...

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We know next to nothing about Elisha's early life until sometime around the year 856 BC, when he was probably in his twenties. He appears to have come from a  ...

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Elisha definition, Also, Douay Bible, Eliseus [el-i-see-uh s] /ˌɛl ɪˈsi əs/ (Show IPA). a Hebrew prophet of the 9th century b.c., the successor of Elijah. II Kings ...

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One day a woman came to see Elisha. She was crying. She told Elisha her husband was dead. She had to pay money to a man. If she did not pay the money , ...

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Elisha the prophet continued the efforts of Elijah in restoring proper worship. Elisha's work serves as a model in teaching righteousness and faith.

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Reaching Mount Horeb, Elijah heard the voice of God tell him to anoint two kings as well as Elisha as a prophet. He did this, and Elisha immediately joined him ...