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The modern épée derives from the 19th-century Épée de Combat and is the largest and heaviest of the three weapons used in sport fencing. Épée is French for ...

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Foil: - The foil is a decendent of the light court sword used by nobility to train for duels. It has a flexible, rectangular blade about 35 inches in length, and weighing  ...

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Custom Made and Recommended Complete Epees. Custom Made and ... Custom Epee Creator ... Slimline Pure Carbon French Grip Complete FIE Epee.

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You can think of epee as dueling to first blood, the dueling style that stepped in when authorities decided that they didn't want duelists killing each other.

Jan 1, 2013 ... I wanted to look at the London Olympics Men's epee final once again, but I couldn't find the excellent footage the BBC had of the final anywhere ...

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Define epee. epee synonyms, epee pronunciation, epee translation, English dictionary definition of epee. also e·pee n. 1. A fencing sword with a bowl-shaped  ...

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1 : a fencing or dueling sword having a bowl-shaped guard and a rigid blade of triangular section with no cutting edge that tapers to a sharp point blunted for ...

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Epee Fencing Equipment – The Fencing Post. ... Bodycord Replacement Cable - Epee, Favero. $9.00 $7.20. Compare. Add To Cart · Epee Barrel - Allstar.

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Compare. Add To Cart · Epee Barrel, Allstar, "Ultra" Screwless ... Epee Contact Spring Pack - FwF. Quick View ... Epee Guard - FwF Titanium Alloy Ultralight, 72g .

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épée, blunted sword developed in the 19th century for use in fencing practice and competition. The épée was patterned after the épée du combat, the standard  ...

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Epee definition, a rapier with a three-sided blade and a guard over the tip. See more.

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AF Adv. Gold Practice Epee w/: French Grip. $42.00. AF Adv. Gold Practice Epee w/: Pistol Grip. $45.00. AF Standard Practice Epee Blade. $20.00. AF Adv. Gold ...

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Access official Olympic photos, video clips, records and results for the top Fencing medalists in the event épée individual men.