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The modern épée derives from the 19th-century Épée de Combat and is the largest and heaviest of the three weapons used in sport fencing. Épée is French for ...


Epeeist definition, a person who fences with an épée. See more.


Epeeist synonyms, Epeeist pronunciation, Epeeist translation, English dictionary definition of Epeeist. also e·pee n. 1. A fencing sword with a bowl-shaped guard ...


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Épéeist definition: a person who uses or specializes in using an é p ée | Meaning , pronunciation, translations and examples.


English[edit]. Alternative forms[edit]. épéeist. Etymology[edit]. epee + -ist. Noun[ edit]. epeeist (plural epeeists). (fencing) Somebody who fences with an epee.


foilist x - Oh look at that epeeist, they think they're so good hot... sigh, I wish I was strong enough to hold an epee. any epeeist - Damn, I'm superior to foilists and ...



Should in theory be easier for a short epeeist to hit a tall epeeist than at foil at least, tall epeeist's long arms can push you back at foil before you ...


Today let's find the answer to the clue Epeeist's score from the USA Today crossword. After we've gathered any other hints from the USA Today crossword ...