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Falling may refer to: Falling (physics), movement due to gravity; Falling (accident) · Falling (execution) · Falling (sensation) ...

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Falling definition, to drop or descend under the force of gravity, as to a lower place through loss or lack of support. See more.

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v. fell (fĕl), fall·en fall·ing, falls. v.intr. 1. To drop or come down freely under the influence of gravity: Leaves fell from the tree. 2. a. To drop oneself to a lower or ...

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Directed by Richard Dutcher. With Richard Dutcher, Virginia Reece, Maria Eberline, Cesar Garcia. Drama chronicling the tragic mental and spiritual collapse of a ...

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Your hub for breakthrough research, science and innovations. Everything the Falling Walls Foundation does focusses on the question: Which walls are the next ...

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to come or go down quickly from a high place or position. : to come or go down suddenly from a standing position. : to let yourself come or go down to a lower ...

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From Middle English fallen, from Old English feallan (“to fall, fail, decay, die, attack”), from Proto-Germanic *fallaną (“to fall”), from Proto-Indo-European *pōl-,  ...

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A fall is an accident that occurs when someone loses his or her balance, trips, or slips and makes contact with the ground or another surface. More »
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