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The Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition (1914–17), also known as the Endurance Expedition, ..... On 15 January Endurance came abreast of a great glacier, the edge of which formed a bay which a...

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Nov 24, 2016 ... Antarctic sea ice had barely changed from where it was 100 years ... to when the Terra Nova and Endurance sailed to the continent in the ... Pine Island Glacier, which drains into the Amundsen Sea in West Antarctica, ... Lose weight without dieting: simple 10-minute game retrains brain to avoid junk food.

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Oct 3, 2016 ... 7:00-8:00 BREAKFAST: Food Tent ... 11:30-11:55 Jeff Severinghaus — Why did glaciers retreat so much, so fast between 18-15ka? 12:00-1:00 LUNCH: Food Tent ... 8:40-9:05 Mike Kaplan — Glacier-climate changes on Antarctic Peninsula and in ... 10:40-11:05 Holly Thomas — Shackleton's Endurance?

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Jan 7, 2016 ... After eons of change measured in geologic time, Antarctica is now rapidly ... In February 1915, pack ice was pushing against the Endurance. .... The last documented penguin meal occurred on a scientific expedition in the 1960s. .... melt, joining the notoriously fast-retreating Jakobshavn Glacier in the west.

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Shackleton felt that the first crossing of the Antarctic Continent, from sea to sea ... to await the arrival of the Trans-continental party at the top of the Beardmore Glacier. ... The ENDURANCE would be used to transport the Trans-continental party to the ..... By the beginning of August, food was starting to become in short supply.

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Oblivious to the fate of the Endurance, Shackleton's men based in the Ross ... Even if he travelled as fast as Roald Amundsen, arguably the most skilled ... the Beardmore Glacier at 83º37', stowed in two sledge journeys in 1915 and ... The Ross Sea party set out breathlessly on January 24th, a mix of old Antarctic hands and ...

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Ernest Shackleton and the Endurance expedition to Antarctica, into the pack ice. ... The Endurance had drifted at least 1186 miles since first becoming fast in the ... evening meal while the snow drifted down from the surface of the glacier and ...

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Jan 26, 2016 ... Down in the Antarctic, all alone save for his playlist, Henry Worsley is ... From there it's a right turn out towards the Ross Ice Shelf, via the Shackleton Glacier. ... The rules of his mission forbid him from fast food temptations -- a test the ... the Akaroa-born Worsley captain of his expedition ship Endurance.

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The Beardmore Glacier, discovered by Shackleton's southern party on 3 December 1908 ... Rations were fast running out, and there simply would not be enough food to sustain the men ..... Frank Worsley, the Endurance sets sail for Antarctica.

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From the very day it was discovered, in 1841, Antarctica's Great Ross Ice Shelf .... largest assembly of glaciers, rivers of ice creeping down from the altitudes of the ... have to endure an Antarctic winter, and so Scott allowed Discovery to be set fast in ... Scott had severely limited the amount of food and fuel they would carry ...