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The Taihang Mountains are a Chinese mountain range running down the eastern edge of the ... under the Taihang Mountains via the Taihang Tunnel, which, at almost 28 kilometres (17 mi), is the third longest railway tunnel in China.


Mount Wutai also known as Wutai Mountain or Qingliang Shan, is a Buddhist sacred site at the headwaters of river Qingshui, in the Chinese northeastern ...


Chinese: 泰山; "Tranquil Mountain", Shāndōng Province, 1,545 m, 36°15′N 117 °06′E ...


Mount Tai, located just north of Tai'an city in East China's Shandong ... For thousands of years, Mount Tai has been the sacred mountain where ..... All the peaks are tinged with autumn gold and the valleys are filled with fruit and flowers.


Thus, Mt. Tai has become the head of the five mountains in China, .... If you travel here in Spring, you can see mountain flowers in full bloom, but it rains a lot in ...


Hongmen Road, Taishan District, Tai'an 271000, China. +86 538 .... Mount Tai is often regarded as the foremost of the Five Great Mountains of China. Although ...



Located in the center of Shandong Province, Tai'an City lies at the south foot of Mount Taishan ... The mountain was considered to be the first of the countries five sacred ... Feicheng City is the Holy Land of peach flowers and is known as the ...


The Five Sacred Mountains in Mainland China are Mt.Tai (East Mount), Mt.Song ... capped mountains, grasslands and wetlands, flowers, butterflies and lakes.