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Gripe (tool)

A gripe is a simple form of clamp used in building a clinker boat, for temporarily holding the strake which is being fitted onto the one to which it is to be attached.

Gripe | Definition of gripe by Merriam-Webster

to cause pinching and spasmodic pain in the bowels of. intransitive verb. 1. : to experience gripes. 2. : to complain with grumbling. — grip·er noun. See gripe ...

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Gripe definition, Informal. to complain naggingly or constantly; grumble. See more.
Even if they don't, they will definitely remember everything you say. You will eventually forgive your spouse for whatever it is that he or she has done to get on your nerves. After all, if you tell your spouse what's on your mind and what you're feeling, he or she mi... More »
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Gripe - definition of gripe by The Free Dictionary

Informal To irritate; annoy: Her petty complaints really gripe me. 2. To cause sharp pain in the bowels of. 3. To grasp; seize. 4. To oppress or afflict. n. 1. Informal ...

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The word gripe, as both noun and verb, refers to a minor complaint. Why gripe about the size of the portions when the food is so awful? The key to gripe is that as ...

Urban Dictionary: Gripe

1) Will you quit griping about your test grade? You should have studied! 2) I have a legitimate gripe with that left-hander who always uses right-hnaded scissors.

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Complain about something in a persistent, irritating way:. Meaning, pronunciation and example sentences, English to English reference content.

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Q: What is a gripe?
A: "Gripe" is another word for "complaint". Read More »
Q: What is gripe?
A: (grīp) v. , griped , grip·ing , gripes . v.intr. Informal. To complain naggingly or petulantly; grumble. To have sharp pains in the bowels. Informal. To i... Read More »
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Q: What is gripe
A: gripe: complain Read More »