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Dialysis is a treatment used for people whose kidneys don’t work properly. There are two types. Hemodialysis involves an artificial kidney to remove waste. It accesses blood through the arm, leg, or neck. Peritoneal dialysis involves a catheter in the stomach area. A special fluid is pumped into the abdomen where it draws waste out of the bloodstream. Most dialysis treatments are given at a hospital or doctor’s office, though long-term dialysis can be administered at home. More »
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Hemodialysis, also spelled haemodialysis, commonly called kidney dialysis or simply dialysis, is a process of purifying the blood of a person whose kidneys are  ...

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In hemodialysis, a dialysis machine and a special filter called an artificial kidney, or a dialyzer, are used to clean your blood. To get your blood into the dialyzer, ...

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Jul 26, 2016 ... In hemodialysis, a machine filters wastes, salts and fluid from your blood when your kidneys are no longer healthy enough to do this work ...

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Hemodialysis is a dialysis treatment option for people who have chronic kidney disease (CKD) that has progressed to end stage renal disease (ESRD),or kidney  ...

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Chronic kidney disease and acute renal failure cause the kidneys to lose their ability to filter and remove waste and extra fluid from the body. Hemodialysis is a  ...

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Hemodialysis is a treatment for kidney failure that uses a machine to filter your blood outside your body. At the start of a hemodialysis treatment, a dialysis nurse  ...

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Hemodialysis is the most common method used to treat advanced and permanent kidney failure. Since the 1960s, when hemodialysis first became a practical ...

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Hemodialysis Dialysis is a process that duplicates kidney function for patients with failed kidneys by reducing waste and excess fluids. Without frequent and ...

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One treatment for kidney failure is called hemodialysis, or “hemo” for short. This type of treatment uses a machine to clean your blood. Learn more.