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Tafl games are a family of ancient Germanic and Celtic strategy board games played on a checkered or latticed gameboard with two armies of uneven numbers, representing variants of an early Scandinav...

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Hnefatafl and its numerous variants were played on odd-sized boards as small as 7 x 7 and as large as 19 x 19. Usually wooden, they sometimes had holes ...

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A little known fact about the vikings is that they really liked board games, and their favorite game was Hnefatafl.Hnefatafl is a game of strategy, somewhat similar ...

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At first glance, Hnefatafl (prounounced “nef-ah-tah-fel”) might just look like a knock-off version of chess with Norse helms and impressive beards, but the game is ...

Sep 4, 2012 ... Hnefatafl the Ancient Viking Board Game. Make it and play it just like the Vikings did over 1000 years ago. I show you how to make the board ...

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Hnefatafl is an ancient Scandinavian board game whose variants were played all over medieval Europe before chess was even invented. In those so called Tafl ...

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Play the Viking board game Hnefatafl against the computer and against other tafl players. Chat. Ratings. Tournaments. Discussion forum. Photo gallery.



Hnefatafl - King's Table. Hnefatafl. Figure 1. Hnefataflboard. Contents: Introduction The Taflboard The Taflstones and Their Moves Capturing a Taflstone Winning ...

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A Rule Book for Hnefatafl. Home · Rules. The game is one of pure strategy, played on a square board. A king and a small force of defenders occupy the centre of ...

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A regular newsletter about the goings on in the Hnefatafl world. Here tournaments will be announced, both face-to-face and on-line, and afterwards the results ...

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Hnefatafl, also known as The Viking Game, The King's Table or simply Tafl, is one of the rare breed of games with two unequal sides. The defending side ...

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The Old Norse played and a lot of board and card games in the winter. Can you guess why? Hnefatafl (or hneftafl) [Nhev-eh-TAH-full] means the "king's board or  ...



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