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Tanis is a city in the north-eastern Nile delta of Egypt. It is located on the Tanitic branch of the ... It was the home city of Smendes, founder of the 21st dynasty.

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Once the capital of all Egypt, Tanis's royal tombs have yielded artifacts on par with ... Tanis was found largely as it was abandoned, so the city is home to many  ...

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The pharaohs of the Twenty-First Dynasty ruled from Tanis, but were mostly active only in Lower Egypt which they controlled. ... heard of danger to the temple of Luxor from flooding, gave orders for repairs ..... CRYSTALINKS HOME PAGE.

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Nov 12, 2015 ... ... Sarah Parcak at the archaeological site of Tanis in Egypt, where a team ... “But I can say this,” Parcak in a phone interview from her home in ...

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The mounds of Tanis, for instance, cover no less than forty acres; but then Tanis ... the Egyptian of [Page 7] five or six thousand years ago built his house of mud bricks ... Easily built and easily replaced, they were constantly falling out of repair,  ...

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... Hebrew settlers themselves helped to keep in repair, or possibly to excavate, and which ... Now, "Pa-Tum" means the House, or Abode, of Tum; "Pa" being the Egyptian word for .... PLAN OF THE RUINS OF THE GREAT TEMPLE OF TANIS.

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Aug 26, 2016 ... ... of the most amazing finds from Egypt, including the pyramids at Giza, ... The papyri include Christian gospels, magical spells and even a contract to fix a wrestling match. ... agiant house for senior officials and a port for importing goods . ... His burial chamber was located in Tanis, a city on the Nile Delta.

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The royal tomb of Pharaoh Psusennes I is one of the most spectacular of all the ancient Egyptian treasures – even more remarkable than that of Tutankhamun.

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Global Sacred Sites List · Home ... The Sphinx has been a symbol of Egypt from ancient times to the present. .... Repairs to the Sphinx have been made over the centuries by the Pharaohs Tuthmosis IV and Ramesses II, and also during the ...

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May 30, 2011 ... It is possible that only one per cent of the wonders of ancient Egypt have been discovered, but now, thanks to a pioneering approach to ...

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Tanis (San El-Hagar) in Egypt


Aug 4, 2011 ... The Processional way leading up to the Temple of Amun at Tanis ... It was probably the home city of Smedes, the founder of that Dynasty and, ...

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Mar 9, 2016 ... He served as Egypt's Director of Antiquities from 1914 until 1936), as well as ... had people working at the ancient Egyptian city of Tanis, the Karnak ... cheering for her favorite football teams, home improvement projects and a ...

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May 25, 2011 ... A satellite image has revealed an anciet city in Egypt. ... Egyptian authorities told the BBC that Tanis may be one of the most important ...