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The Timiș or Tamiš is a 359 km (223 mi) long river originating from the Semenic Mountains (1,410 m (4,630 ft)), southern Carpathian ...


The Bârzava is a river in Romania and Serbia. The Bârzava is 166 km long, has a drainage area of 1,190 km² and flows into the river ...


On more 90% of the Serbian territories there are rivers Danube. ... wetlands in the world, The Danube Delta – a unique 2,100-square-mile wildlife reserve – home to .... The Timiş or Tamiš (Romanian: Timiş; Serbian: Тамиш; German: Temesch;  ...


The city of Timisoara has developed on the Timis River Plain, which is crossed ... The oldest houses in Timisoara date from this period. ... The Orthodox Episcopal Church, now Serbian, built between 1744 - 1748 in the Unirii Square. ... the civil buildings have undergone centuries of repairs, sometimes changing the façade.


Homes always need repairs but not everyone can afford it. Sometimes friends and family can come to the rescue but when they don't…un-resolved problems ...


Mar 9, 2013 ... Balancing on a rock in the middle of the Drina River in Serbia, the house has been pounded by floods and high winds yet stood strong.


The charm of this city, settled on the northern bank of the Bega River, lies in its ... Frequently referred to as "Little Vienna," Timisoara is home to year-round ... of the Romano-Catholic and Serbian Orthodox Cathedrals facing each other. ... One of the largest synagogues in Europe, it is currently closed for structural repairs.


Bulgaria, Serbia, and Romania Tour from Gate 1 Travel - Sofia, Belgrade, and ... Belgrade Fortress, set on a bluff where the Danube and Sava rivers meet, ... tour of Serbia's second-largest city, Novi Sad, before riding on to Timisoara, Romania. ... Day 9: Explore Bran Castle, the inspiration behind Dracula's home in Bram ...


14, 423, Home of Longevity for Cultural Treasury of Banat - establishment of ... 15 , 424, Improvement of CBC and Common Tourist Offer of Municipalities of Vrsac .... including bicycle lane along Bega river, downstream Timisoara, Banat River ...


Utils information of Timisoara City Hall and Timisoara town. ... reasons and not by mere accident, being located at the confluence of the rivers Timis and Beghei. .... of the Timisoara Citadel and therefore, they repair its walls and consolidate it. ... 1718 acknowledged the loss of Banat, Oltenia and a part of Serbia by the Turks.