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HyperCard is an application program and programming tool for Apple Macintosh and Apple IIGS computers, that is among the first successful hypermedia ...

hypercard.org - Open Source HyperCard-related stuff


Manual - This is a PDF of the manual to CompileIt!, a HyperCard stack that allows you to write HyperCard command plug-ins that access the Mac's system API ...

Loper OS » Why Hypercard Had to Die


Nov 29, 2011 ... I was a Hypercard child – though our friendship was brief. Our seventh-grade class was led into a room full of brand-new Macintosh Performas.

Hyper Card


HyperCard lives again, as its model of a programmable deck of cards has inspired: FreeCard WildFire PythonCard SqueakSmalltalk (the BookMorph?) ...

The Hypercard Legacy — The Nextographer — Medium


I've been doing a lot of thinking about HyperCard lately, and as such decided to dust off this post I wrote in 2009, for Creative Applications. I think it has aged ...

Mar 4, 2013 ... An introduction to Apple's Hypercard. Guests include Apple Fellow and Hypercard creator Bill Atkinson.

Think Retro: How HyperCard inspired a generation of future ...


Dec 24, 2014 ... Some of today's app developers credit HyperCard for their love of programming.

Running a Hypercard stack on a modern Mac | James Friend


Feb 6, 2014 ... Updated: now works on Yosemite** A bunch of people have emailed me about getting Hypercard stacks running under emulation. Here is a ...



HyperCard. In August 1987, Apple revolutionized how people interact with their computers by packaging Bill Atkinson's HyperCard free with every PC sold.

Jeanne's House o' HyperCard - Jeanne's World


HyperCard links, scripting tips and utilities, and information about my HyperCard books.

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25 years of HyperCard—the missing link to the Web | Ars Technica


May 30, 2012 ... Before the World Wide Web did anything, HyperCard did everything.

SuperCard for HyperCard Users


As a HyperCard User, you've come to rely on a tool that can be whatever you need. Simple, powerful, and robust. But let's face it, if you wish to continue to rely  ...

Apple's Revolutionary HyperCard | Low End Mac


May 1, 2014 ... HyperCard changed the way people on the Macintosh platform created programs . Furthermore, it changed the way they worked -and, for some, ...