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Hyperlexia is a syndrome characterized by a child's precocious ability to read, combined with difficulty in understanding and using verbal language, and ...


Hyperlexia— precocious reading ability in very young children—can present itself in several ways which are described in this article by Darold Treffert, MD.


By Julie Whaley Gordon's favorite activity as a young child was spinning. He liked to spin things, and he liked to spin himself. We never went.


WHAT IS HYPERLEXIA ? Hyperlexia Hyperlexia has many characteristics similar to autism and some consider it to be an autism spectrum disorder. Because of.


Mar 11, 2015 ... My son has hyperlexia and hypernumeracy. You've likely never heard of these. Neither had I until November 6, 2014. But, like me, you've ...


Jul 8, 2013 ... Instead what those children 'outgrew' were conditions such as hyperlexia ( children who read early) or Einstein Syndrome (children who speak ...


Jan 26, 2012 ... “Well, he doesn't look autistic to me.” That's a line I've often heard through the years, usually from other parents of children with autism. My son ...


Mar 8, 2016 ... Instead, he has what I call 'hyperlexia 3' — a form of superior reading ability accompanied by some autism-like symptoms that generally fade ...


Hyperlexia. By Becky L. Spivey, M.Ed. Hyperlexia is a syndrome that has characteristics and symptoms that are similar to those of autism spectrum and other.


Jan 5, 2015 ... Introduction to hyperlexia and hypernumeracy. #thisishyperlexia.