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Hypertext is text displayed on a computer display or other electronic devices with references (hyperlinks) to other text which the reader can immediately access, ...

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HyperMedia is a term used for hypertext which is not constrained to be text: it can include graphics, video and sound , for example. Apparently Ted Nelson was ...

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Define hypertext: computers : an arrangement of the information in a computer database that allows a user to get information and to go from one…

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Hypertext is the organization of information units into connected associations that a user can choose to make. An instance of such an association is cal...

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Hypertext definition, a method of storing data through a computer program that allows a user to create and link fields of information at will and to retrieve the data  ...

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Hypertext systems are particularly useful for organizing and browsing through large databases that consist of disparate types of information. There are several ...

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Hypertext is text that links to other information. By clicking on a link in a hypertext document, a user can quickly jump to different content. Though hypertext is ...



Hypertext. Hypertext is the presentation of information as a linked network of nodes which readers are free to navigate in a non-linear fashion. It allows for ...

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The World Wide Web (WWW) combines computer networking (the Internet) and Hypertext MarkUp Language (HTML) into an easy to use system by which ...

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Definition of hypertext: Electronic document text that is connected (hyperlinked) to the other chunks of text (or graphical elements) to which the reader or user is ...

a method of storing data through a computer program that allows a user to create and link fields of information at will and to retrieve the data nonsequentially.
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hypertext | Define hypertext at Dictionary.com
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