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a lack of ability to read and write.
the state of being illiterate; lack of any or enough education.
a mistake in writing or speaking, felt to be characteristic of an illiterate or semiliterate person: a letter that was full of illiteracies.
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Functional illiteracy - Wikipedia


Functional illiteracy is reading and writing skills that are inadequate "to manage daily living and employment tasks that require reading skills beyond a basic ...

Illiteracy | Definition of Illiteracy by Merriam-Webster


Define illiteracy: the state of not knowing how to read or write — illiteracy in a sentence.

Causes of illiteracy | Literacy Foundation


Illiteracy in individuals stems from different, generally inter-related causes which create a series of often insurmountable barriers for those concerned.

Illiteracy | Define Illiteracy at Dictionary.com


Illiteracy definition, a lack of ability to read and write. See more.

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Illiteracy is the inability to read. You can help someone overcome illiteracy by reading together, or even by sharing your knowledge of vocabulary.

Illiteracy In New York City – Literacy Partners Inc.


Over 2 million New York City residents can be described as being functionally illiterate– that's 25% of the total population in the city. Unfortunately, it's largely a  ...

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il·lit·er·a·cy n. pl. il·lit·er·a·cies. 1. The condition of being unable to read and write. 2. An error, as in writing or speech, made by or thought to be characteristic of ...

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illiteracy. Play il·lit·er·a·cy. Use illiteracy in a sentence. LINK / CITE ADD TO WORD LIST. noun. The definition of illiteracy is lack of knowledge in a particular ...