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In economics, internationalization is the process of increasing involvement of enterprises in international markets, although there is no agreed definition of ...

Localization vs. Internationalization - W3C


What do the terms 'internationalization' and 'localization' mean, and how are they related?

Internationalization Activity Blog - W3C


The W3C Internationalization (I18n) Activity works with W3C working groups and liaises with other organizations to make it possible to use Web technologies ...

What is internationalization (I18N)? - Definition from WhatIs.com


Internationalization sometimes shortened to I18N meaning I eighteen letters N is the process of planning and implementing products and services so tha...

What is Internationalization? | GALA Global


Internationalization is a design process that ensures a product (usually a software application) can be adapted to various languages and regions without ...

Trail: Internationalization (The Java™ Tutorials)


This internationalization Java tutorial describes setting locale, isolating locale- specific data, formatting data, internationalized domain name and resource ...

Globalization Versus Internationalization: - Global Policy Forum


Globalization, considered by many to be the inevitable wave of the future, is frequently confused with internationalization, but is in fact something totally different.

Internationalization and localization | Django documentation | Django


The goal of internationalization and localization is to allow a single Web application to offer its content in languages and formats tailored to the audience. Django ...

Internationalization Toolkit - American Council on Education


CIGE has collected examples of policies, programs, surveys, and other resources from participants in the Internationalization Laboratory program and other ...

Internationalization (i18n) | Google Developers


Tools and practices for internationalization and localization.

The designing of a product in such a way that it will meet the needs of users in many countries or can be easily adapted to do so. Internationalization might mean designing a website so that when it is translated from English to Spanish the layout st... More »