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The Jews also known as the Jewish people, are an ethnoreligious group originating from the Israelites, or Hebrews, of the Ancient Near East. Jewish ethnicity ...

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The Jews have a 5,750 year history, tracing their origins to Biblical times. Evolving out of a common religion, the Jewish people developed customs, culture, and ...

Jewish Federation of Greater Washington | DC MD VA


The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington cares for those in need, deepens Jewish engagement and strengthens bonds among Jews in DC and around the ...

World Jewish Congress


Representing Jewish Communities In 100 Countries Across Six Continents,

Gather the Jews — Hyperlocal Jewish News and Events


Hyperlocal Jewish news and events for young professionals.

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Jewish Population (2014) Historic Jewish Population ... Total Population. Jews. % of Population. Israel. 7,786,500. 5,763,100. 74%. Azerbaijan. 9,400,000. 8,700 .

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Jews come in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and nationalities. There are black Jews from Ethiopia, Chinese Jews from Shanghai and Indian Jews. Ther are Jews ...

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ynet Jewish Scene: Ynetnews Culture - what's hot in Israeli & Jewish music Style Movies Television ... more Jewish Scene ... Jews visit Arab towns for Ramadan.

Are Jews Smarter? What Genetic Science Tells Us


Did Jewish intelligence evolve in tandem with Jewish diseases as a result of discrimination in the ghettos of medieval Europe? That's the premise of a ...

Is It Time for the Jews to Leave Europe? - The Atlantic


France's 475,000 Jews represent less than 1 percent of the country's population. Yet last year, according to the French Interior Ministry, 51 percent of all racist ...

Judaism is one of the oldest monotheistic religions and was founded over 3500 years ago in the Middle East. Jews believe that God appointed the Jews to be his chosen people in order to set an example of holiness and ethical behaviour to the world.
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