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Jini also called Apache River, is a network architecture for the construction of distributed systems in the form of modular co-operating services. Originally ...

Jini Architecture Specification


A Jini system is a distributed system based on the idea of federating groups of users and the resources required by those users. The overall goal is to turn the ...

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Jini (pronounced DJEE-nee like the Arabic word for "magician") is a network architecture concept that Sun Microsystems calls "spontaneous networking." Using ...

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Jini Definition - Jini is a service-oriented architecture that defines a programming model that both exploits and extends Java technology. This...

Chapter 1: Overview of Jini - Jan Newmarch


Jini grew from early work in Java to make distributed computing easier. It intends to make "network devices" and "network services" into standard components of ...

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Jini Kim Watson. Associate Professor of English , Comparative Literature ; Director of Undergraduate Studies. Ph.D. 2006 (Literature) Duke University; B.A. 1997 ...

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Jini Community Information and Projects at java.net. The Jini Starter Kit developed by Sun Microsystems is now the Apache River Project. See the Links section ...

Feb 10, 2015 ... Ni movie iliyajaa maajabu kedekede usisubiri kusimuliwa jipatie nakala yako.

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Answers to questioned frequently asked on the JINI-USERS mailing list.

Jini Corner at Artima.com


The JINI-USERS FAQ, links to Jini resources on the web, a discussion forum, a Jini interface repository, the service UI specification, and articles about Jini from ...

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Apache River - Apache River News


The quickest way to experience River/Jini is to download the river-examples source distribution. Read the "README.md" file at the root of the distribution.

Jini: New technology for a networked world | JavaWorld


Jun 9, 1999 ... This article, the first installment of JavaWorld's newest column, Jiniology, introduces Sun Microsystems's Jini technology; demonstrates how Jini ...

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Currently adding such devices to a computer or network requires installation and boot-up, but a device that incorporates Jini will announce itself to the network, ...