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MaxDB is an ANSI SQL-92 (entry level) compliant relational database management system (RDBMS) from SAP AG, which was also delivered by MySQL AB ...

SAP MaxDB: The SAP Database - Home


The SAP MaxDB database (formerly SAP DB) is developed and supported by SAP AG. This website provides the SAP MaxDB documentation and training ...

SAP MaxDB: The SAP Database - Documentation


Read and download the complete database documentation for SAP MaxDB versions 7.6 and 7.7.

What is MaxDB? Webopedia Definition


MaxDB is a SAP-certified open source RDBMS for OLTP and OLAP usage. It's targeted at large mySAP Business Suite environments and other applications that  ...

MaxDB/SapDB - Apache DB Project


The SapDB database was open-sourced and rebranded MaxDB beginning with version 7.4. DdlUtils supports SapDB version 7.2 and MaxDB version 7.5, and ...

SAP MaxDB, SAP liveCache and SAP Content Server are certified to ...


Oct 23, 2015 ... We are pleased to announce certification and support for the three new SAP products on Microsoft Azure cloud: SAP MaxDB database; SAP ...

Connecting to the Remote SAP MaxDB Database


You use the Eclipse Data Tools Platform (DTP) to connect to the SAP MaxDB database in the cloud. To do this, you require the connection details you obtained  ...

Sap DB


PHP: MaxDB - Manual


maxdb_affected_rows — Gets the number of affected rows in a previous MaxDB operation; maxdb_autocommit — Turns on or off auto-commiting database ...

Configuration - SAP MaxDB iDataAgent - Documentation - Commvault


Once the SAP MaxDB iDataAgent is installed, you need to configure an instance and then associate the SAP MaxDB database with the iDataAgent.

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SAP business applications run on SAP MaxDB in thousands of customer installations, covering a wide range of installation sizes: from small desktop ...

SAP MaxDB - MaxDB - SCN Wiki


Apr 8, 2016 ... This is the SDN WIKI starting point for topics around SAP MaxDB. Please note that the official brand name is SAP MaxDB even if shortened to ...

SAP-Links & Downloads - Open MaxDB Group


Eine Top-Frage unter den FAQs ist diese: „Wie lange wird die SAP AG MaxDB als eines der Datenbanksysteme für SAP-Applikationen noch weiterentwickeln?