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The watt (symbol: W) is a derived unit of power in the International System of Units (SI), named .... The megawatt is equal to one million (10<sup>6</sup>) watts. Many events ...

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Megawatts are used to measure the output of a power plant or the amount of electricity required by an entire city. One megawatt (MW) = 1,000 kilowatts ...

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As solar becomes a more significant piece of the U.S. energy generation mix, it is important to understand just how many homes a megawatt of solar capacity ...

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Define megawatt. megawatt synonyms, megawatt pronunciation, megawatt translation, English dictionary definition of megawatt. n. Abbr. MW One million watts.

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Megawatt definition, a unit of power, equal to one million watts. See more.

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MegaWatt Machine Services. Control Valves. Turbine Valves. Turbine Components. Balance of Plant. Reverse Engineering. ISO 9001. Full service outage ...

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Megawatt is the standard term of measurement for bulk electricity. The output of power plants usually is described in terms of megawatts. One megawatt is equal  ...

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Well mega means 106 10 6 so 1 megawatt is 1 million watts. A watt is defined as 1 joule/second. A joule is defined as kg*m*m/s*s. So 1 megawatt is ...

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Megawatt: One megawatt equals one million watts, or 1,000 kilowatts, roughly enough electricity for the instantaneous demand of 750 homes at once. That.

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Define megawatt: a unit of electrical power equal to one million watts.

a unit of power, equal to one million watts. Abbreviation: MW
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megawatt | Define megawatt at Dictionary.com
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