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Mencius or Mengzi was a Chinese philosopher who is the most famous Confucian after Confucius himself. Contents. [hide]. 1 Life. 1.1 Mencius's mother; 1.2 ...


Mencius was born in a period of Chinese history known as the Warring States ( 403-221 BCE), during which various states competed violently against one ...


Mencius, (Latin), Chinese (Pinyin) Mengzi or (Wade-Giles) Meng-tzu, original name (Wade-Giles) Meng K'o (born c. 371, ancient state of Zou, China—died c.


Oct 16, 2004 ... Mencius (fourth century BCE) was a Confucian philosopher. Often referred to as the "Second Sage" of Confucianism (meaning second in ...


We have picked Mencius out as a major figure in the history of happiness because he spells out the role that feelings of happiness or satisfaction play in.


Mencius: Translation, Notes, and Commentary http://www.indiana.edu/~p374/ Mencius (Eno-2016).pdf. The Great Learning and The Doctrine of the Mean: An ...


Dec 19, 2012 ... Mencius (372-289 BCE) also known as Mang-Tze or Mang-Tzu, was a Confucian philosopher born Mang Ko in the state of Zhou during The ...


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Mencius is one of the most important philosophers of the Confucian school in the immediate centuries after Confucius' death. His interpretation and articulation ...