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Meta-Object Facility


The Meta-Object Facility (MOF) is an Object Management Group (OMG) standard for ... MOF 2.4.2: ISO/IEC 19508:2014 Information technology — Meta Object ...

OMG's MetaObject Facility (MOF) Home Page


May 31, 2016 ... The MetaObject Facility Specification is the foundation of OMG's industry- standard environment where models can be exported from one ...

An introduction to MOF - Irisa


▻The MetaObject Facility Specification is the foundation ... The MOF 2 Model builds on a subset of UML 2.0. Infrastructure .... perhaps unanticipated, information.

XMI and MOF: a mini-tutorial - University of Edinburgh


XMI shows how to save any MOF-based metamodel in XML. ¢ ... MOF provides an “open-ended information modeling capability.” Back to XMI. So, XMI is an ...

UML Tutorial - Eclipse


MOF = Meta-Object Facility; A metadata management framework. ... The UML metamodel is defined in MOF. MOF .... All three forms provide the same information.

A Tutorial on: Metamodel Standardization & MOF - ISO/IEC JTC1 ...


IRDS: Information Resource Dictionary System (ISO/IEC 10728). MOF :Meta Object Facility, OMG. 4. Sharing and advancing knowledge and experience about ...

Meta Models


From model instances to meta models; MOF meta model hierarchy; How UML ... M1: Model layer (The UML model); Layer M0: Information layer (the Application).

MOF :: meta object facility :: ITWissen.info


Meta Object Facility (MOF) ist eine Spezifikation der Object Management Group ( OMG) - einem Industriekonsortium für die Standardisierung von Hersteller- ...

Meta Object Facility (MOF) Specification (V1.4.1)


Meta Object Facility (MOF) Specification. Version 1.4.1 .... 5.4 Information Management Scenarios . ... 6.3 The MOF Model - Metamodeling Constructs .

ISO/IEC 19502:2005 - Information technology -- Meta Object Facility ...


Nov 1, 2005 ... ISO/IEC 19502:2005 defines a metamodel (defined using Meta Object Facility, MOF), a set of interfaces [defined using Open Distributed ...

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Meta-Object Facility (MOF)


Modeling viewpoint: The designer's viewpoint, looking "down" the meta levels. From the modeling viewpoint, the MOF is used to define an information model for  ...

Meta Object Facility (MOF) Specification


The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. The material .... CORBA Meta-data Services - The MOF IDL Mapping. 2-22. 2.4.3.

Meta Object Facility (MOF) - University of Twente Student Theses


element of the MDA is the Model Object Facility (MOF), which is the object of ...... meaning, but in combination with an interpretation, the information behind it can ...