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Meta-Object Facility


The Meta-Object Facility (MOF) is an Object Management Group (OMG) standard for ... MOF 2.4.2: ISO/IEC 19508:2014 Information technology — Meta Object ...

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May 31, 2016 ... The MetaObject Facility Specification is the foundation of OMG's industry- standard environment where models can be exported from one ...


www.laputan.org/pub/books/MOF 00-04-03.pdf

The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. The material .... CORBA Meta-data Services - The MOF IDL Mapping. 2-22. 2.4.3.

An introduction to MOF - Irisa


▻The MetaObject Facility Specification is the foundation ... The MOF 2 Model builds on a subset of UML 2.0. Infrastructure .... perhaps unanticipated, information.

A Tutorial on: Metamodel Standardization & MOF - ISO/IEC JTC1 ...


IRDS: Information Resource Dictionary System (ISO/IEC 10728). MOF :Meta Object Facility, OMG. 4. Sharing and advancing knowledge and experience about ...

XMI and MOF: a mini-tutorial


XMI shows how to save any MOF-based metamodel in XML. ¢ ... MOF provides an “open-ended information modeling capability.” Back to XMI. So, XMI is an ...

Meta Models


From model instances to meta models; MOF meta model hierarchy; How UML ... M1: Model layer (The UML model); Layer M0: Information layer (the Application).

Meta Object Facility (MOF) Specification


Meta Object Facility (MOF) Specification. Version 1.4.1 .... 5.4 Information Management Scenarios . ... 6.3 The MOF Model - Metamodeling Constructs .

What is MOF?


The Meta Object Facility (MOF) specification provides a set of CORBA interfaces that can ... The MOF is a key building block in the construction of CORBA based .... --Type Management Scenarios; --Information Management Scenarios; --Data ...

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Meta Object Facility (MOF) ist eine Spezifikation der Object Management Group ( OMG) - einem Industriekonsortium für die Standardisierung von Hersteller- ...

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MOF. ... Meta Object Facility™ (MOF™) Core. OMG formally Released Versions of MOF ... ISO Release Information, MOF Version, Format, URL. This version has  ...

Meta-Object Facility (MOF)


Modeling viewpoint: The designer's viewpoint, looking "down" the meta levels. From the modeling viewpoint, the MOF is used to define an information model for  ...

Meta Object Facility (MOF) - University of Twente Student Theses


element of the MDA is the Model Object Facility (MOF), which is the object of ...... information and data [22], the data is the syntactic representation of information.