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MetaPost refers to both a programming language and the interpreter of the MetaPost programming language. Both are derived from Donald Knuth's Metafont ...

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This page has a list of links related to MetaPost, a powerful tool for creating graphics in scalable PostScript. It was written by John Hobby, based on Metafont by ...

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Drawing Graphs with MetaPost. John D. Hobby. Abstract. This paper describes a graph-drawing package that has been implemented as an extension to.

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metapost – A development of METAFONT for creating graphics. METAPOST uses a language based on that of METAFONT to produce precise technical ...

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Practical METAPOST. 1 abstract. In this article, I will explain how to pratically use METAPOST. This program is very different from usual drawing programs, but it ...

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VOORJAAR 2005. 1. Learning METAPOST by Doing. Introduction 1. A Simple Example 2. Running METAPOST 2. Using the Generated PostScript in a LaTEX.

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Apr 8, 2013 ... Inspired by Why Metapost discrimination?, I'd like to come to know Metapost far better than I do now. All I really know is that Metapost is a ...

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What is MetaPost? MetaPost — a picture drawing language and compiler with vector output. What is MetaPost good for? ▻ Production of scientific and technical ...

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Submit MetaPost code on the web page and get the result presented as EPS or PDF instantly.

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Oct 8, 2002 ... The unit of MetaPost is the PostScript point which is 1/72 of an inch. The default line thickness is 0.5 PostScript points, as is seen from A2B.1.

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May 21, 2014 ... MetaPost is a programming language much like Knuth's mEtaFoNt1 [8] except that it outputs either vector graphics in the Postscript or SVG ...

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M tapost : exemples. input macros; verbatimtex \documentclass[12pt]{article} \ usepackage[T1]{fontenc} \begin{document} etex beginfig(1) pair A, B, C; A:=(0,0);  ...

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Written by John Hobby, the creator of the MetaPost language.