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Modula-2 is a computer programming language designed and developed between 1977 and 1985 by Niklaus Wirth at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ...

Modula-2 home


Modula-2 web directory, tutorial and reference manual, free Modula-2 source code and downloads.

GNU Modula-2


PIM 2/3/4 and ISO compliant Modula-2 front-end for the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC), developed and maintained at the University of Clamorgan (UK).

GNU Modula-2


The home of the GNU Modula-2 compiler. Currently GNU Modula-2 can be grafted onto gcc-4.7.x and gcc-4.1.2. The gcc-4.7.x graft is the preferred choice. users ...

XDS - Free Modula-2 / Oberon-2 Compilers and IDE for Windows ...


ISO compliant Modula-2 to C translator for Linux (x86 only) and Windows, developed by Excelsior LLC. Generates C source code. No longer maintained but ...

The Modula-2 programming language - Peter Moylan


Mar 22, 2010 ... Modula-2 is a programming language invented by Niklaus Wirth, who was also the inventor of Pascal. If you liked Pascal, you'll like Modula-2 ...

Modula-2 information by Rick Sutcliffe


Information on Modula-2 and relevant links compiled by Rick Sutcliffe.

Free Modula-2 Compilers (thefreecountry.com)


Free compilers for Niklaus Wirth's Modula 2 language.

The Modula-2 Programming Language - University of Michigan


Nov 24, 1996 ... Modula-2 Programming Language. Click below to go directly to a specific section : History | Significant Language Features | Areas of ...

What is Modula-2? Webopedia Definition


Wirth created Modula-2 in the late 1970s to answer many of the criticisms leveled at Pascal, which he had created ten years earlier. In particular, Modula-2 ...