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Modula-3 is a programming language conceived as a successor to an upgraded version of Modula-2 known as Modula-2+. While it has been influential in ...

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Links for implementations, mail lists, FAQs, newsletters, bibliographies, OS specifics.

Modula-3: Introduction


Modula-3 supports interfaces, objects, generics, lightweight threads of control, the isolation of unsafe code, garbage collection, exceptions, and subtyping.

Free Modula-3 Compilers and Development Systems ...


May 1, 2015 ... Free Modula-3 compilers, implementations and development environment.

Free Critical Mass Modula-3 (CM3) - Modula-3 @ elego


Critical Mass Modula-3 (CM3). News. 2010-07-14. Finally, CM3 5.8.6 RELEASE is available. Download the installation packages. See release notes and ...

The Modula-3 Programming Language | Dr Dobb's


Jan 1, 1994 ... Feature-for-feature, Modula-3 is on a par with Ada and C++, but avoids complexity by simplifying individual features like inheritance and ...

Modula Three


Modula-3 makes something different: It uses structural equivalence, that is, if two records contain the same fields with the same names they are equivalent.

Introducing Modula-3 | Linux Journal


There is an alternative, the Modula-3 programming system from Digital Equipment Corporation's Systems Research Center (SRC). Modula-3 is a modern, ...

GitHub - modula3/cm3: Critical Mass Modula-3


Critical Mass Modula-3. Contribute to cm3 development by creating an account on GitHub.

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[Modula-3 Reference and Tutorial] ... blair@cc.gatech.edu>. Modula-3. Tutorial. Introduction to programming in Modula-3 · Your First Modula-3 program ...