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Tanis is a city in the north-eastern Nile delta of Egypt. It is located on the Tanitic branch of the .... "Tanis – 'Thebes of the North'“. In "Egyptian Antiquities from ...

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Once the capital of all Egypt, Tanis's royal tombs have yielded artifacts on par with ... And though the objects reside in Cairo's Egyptian Museum, they draw far ...

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Double statue of Amenemhat 3 as Nile God, Tanis, Egypt ... of Tanis are often considered to be among the central attractions of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

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With the decline of Egypt's Asiatic empire in the late 20th dynasty, the capital was shifted from Per ... Great Sphinx of Tanis; in the Louvre Museum, Paris.

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Cairo Egyptian Museum The Treasure of the Royal Tombs of Tanis (ca.1070-712 B.C.) First floor - Section 2 Item 11 on 63 Ancient Egypt Jewel | See more about ...

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This is one of the largest sphinxes outside of Egypt. It was found in 1825 among the ruins of the Temple of Amun at Tanis (the capital of Egypt during the 21st ...

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Aug 4, 2011 ... Roman era papyrus discovered by Petrie are now in the British Museum. An overview of some of the ruins at Tanis. Pierre Montet, excavated at ...

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The great Egyptian museums have all been extraordinarily generous in lending ... found in the royal tomb at Tanis in northern Egypt (21st and 22nd Dynasties), ...

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Egypt is rich with many museums,in fact there are more than 34 museums all over Egypt, here we list most of the famous museums in Egypt.

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When the Arabs conquered Egypt in the 7th century, Tanis was called San and ... some of the findings of Petrie are now put on display in the British Museum in ...

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But there is another royal Egyptian treasure, from the ancient city of Tanis, in the Nile Delta ... Even today, visitors to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo gather around  ...

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In the Late Period it was the capital of the 19th Lower Egyptian nome. Tanis ... The oldest dated building in Tanis was erected by Psusennes I (21st Dynasty).

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Gold bracelet : from the treasure of the royal tombs Tanis, ca. 1070-712 B.C. Cairo Museum~ The eye of Horus is the most prominent symbol and it stands for  ...