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A myth is any traditional story consisting of events that are ostensibly historical, though often supernatural, explaining the origins of a cultural practice or natural ...

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Define myth: an idea or story that is believed by many people but that is not true — myth in a sentence.

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Myth definition, a traditional or legendary story, usually concerning some being or hero or event, with or without a determinable basis of fact or a natural ...

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Myths and Legends are the ones that we know about and Your Stories are the ones ... You can use our Myth Map to find out where in the world the Myths and ...

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1A traditional story, especially one concerning the early history of a people or explaining a natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural ...

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myth meaning, definition, what is myth: an ancient story or set of stories, especially explaining the early history of a group of…. Learn more.

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A myth is a story that's told again and again and serves to explain why something is the way it is. A creation myth, for example, is a story that tells how the world ...

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a. A traditional, typically ancient story dealing with supernatural beings, ancestors , or heroes that serves as a fundamental type in the worldview of a people, ...

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About. Myth-Box-Art Myth is a fully co-operative fantasy game. Players take on the role of one of 5 different heroes working together to defeat the Darkness.

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Jan 3, 2017 ... Myth, a symbolic narrative, usually of unknown origin and at least partly traditional, that ostensibly relates actual events and that is especially ...