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Nennius was a Welsh monk of the 9th century. He has traditionally been attributed with the authorship of the Historia Brittonum, based on the prologue affixed to ...

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Latin text of Nennius's history of the British people, from Six Old English Chronicles, edited by J. A. Giles.

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The last major Arthurian reference occurs in the 8th century "Historia Brittonum" or "History of the Britons", apparently written by a Welsh historian called Nennius  ...

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The Historia Brittonum is the single most important source for Vortigern. It describes for the first time the full background of the invitation to the Saxons, at least as ...

§2. Nennius and Gildas. XII. The Arthurian Legend. Vol. 1. From the ...


The Historia Brittonum, commonly ascribed to Nennius, is a curious compilation, which was put into its present form not later than the first half of the ninth century ...

§3. Nennius and "Historia Brittonum". V. Latin Writings in England to ...


Vol. 1. From the Beginnings to the Cycles of Romance. The Cambridge History of English and American Literature: An Encyclopedia in Eighteen Volumes.

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It is thought that Nennius was a Welsh monk who lived some time during the seventh, eighth or ninth centuries. He wrote a History of Britain, Historia Brittonum , ...

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Nennius was a 9th-c. monk of Bangor, North Wales, and supposed author of the Historia Britonum , an early Welsh history...

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Amazon.com: History of the Britons (Historia Brittonum) (9781604249378): Nennius: Books.

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Feb 11, 2013 ... NENNIUS (fl. 796), historian, is the traditional author of the 'Historia Britonum.' From incidental allusions in the body of the work it would appear ...

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One of the earliest references to Arthur is in the Historia Brittonum, or History of the Britons written by the monk Nennius. This includes a list of twelve battles ...

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The Welsh Christian monk Nennius wrote around 800 A.D. the "Historia Brittanum" which is the first publication to contain a mention " Arthur" by name as a hero.

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Nennius, (flourished c. 800) Welsh antiquary who between 796 and about 830 compiled or revised the Historia Brittonum, a miscellaneous collection of historical ...