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NetRexx is an open source, originally IBM's, variant of the REXX programming language to run on the Java virtual machine. It supports a classic REXX syntax, ...



Welcome to the NetRexx Programming Language! NetRexx is a general-purpose programming language inspired by two very different programming languages, ...

IBM - NetRexx - Language Quick Start


NetRexx blends the clean, easy-to-learn syntax of Rexx with the robustness and portability of the Java™ environment. The result is a language tuned for both ...

NetRexx: The Original JVM Scripting Language Returns | Dr Dobb's


Apr 15, 2013 ... The NetRexx language processor can function as a pure scripting language and interpret source code, or it can compile to Java class files.

NetRexx - Easier Java Programming


NetRexx is a new programming language that is designed specifically to make it easier for programmers to take advantage of the Java environment, without ...

Eclipse NetRexx download | SourceForge.net


Sep 6, 2013 ... Eclipse NetRexx download. Eclipse NetRexx 2013-09-06 06:39:41 free download. Eclipse NetRexx Eclipse NetRexx is an Eclipse plugin which ...

NetRexx Tutorial - The Rexx Language Association


From classic Rexx to NetRexx. • Same/Similar language constructs. • But with subtile differences. • Both in Semantics. • … and Syntax (Notation). • We Focus on  ...

Rexx Anywhere!- NetRexx page - Planet MVS


This page deals with what I did to port my REXXVER Rexx exec to NetRexx. For the first porting attempt, I created a Java Application that sent information to the ...

NetRexx Reference Implementation — Project Kenai - Kenai.com


NetRexx is IBM's variant of the REXX programming language to run on the Java virtual machine. It supports a classic REXX syntax, with no reserved keywords, ...

Why an open NetRexx means humans can do Java – TechEye


Jun 10, 2011 ... The NetRexx language will be developed going forward by the Rexx Language Association -RexxLA hereinafter – which despite having its HQ ...

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Downloads - NetRexx.org


nrxInstall-3.04GA.jar, RexxLA NetRexx 3.04 GA Installer package, July 1st, 2015. This may be double clicked, or installed from the command line with: $ java -jar ...

Beginner's Guide to NetRexx - Kermit Kiser


NetRexx is the best computer programming language available. You might suspect that the writer is biased and you would be correct. However, if you program ...



Coexists interchangeably with Java code. You can develop applications, applets, servlets, and beans with NetRexx, then intermix their use however you like with ...