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Obadiah is a Biblical theophorical name, meaning "servant of God" or " worshipper of Yah." The form of Obadiah's name used in the Septuagint is Obdios; ...

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Obadiah's Vision - The vision of Obadiah. This is what the Sovereign LORD says about Edom— We have heard a message from the LORD: An envoy was.

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In this, the shortest book of the Old Testament, it seems the prophet Obadiah considered each word a high-priced commodity. Apparently, he was unable to ...

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THE BOOK OF OBADIAH. This book, the shortest among the twelve minor prophets, is a single twenty-one-verse oracle against Edom. Nothing is known of the ...

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Jun 18, 2004 ... Introduction The Author The author of the book is named Obadiah which means “ Servant of Yahweh.” Some have thought that this is the same ...

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Can you summarize the Book of Obadiah? Who wrote Obadiah? What is the Book of Obadiah all about?

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The name Obadiah means "Servant of Yahweh" (literally -- "One who serves or worships Jehovah"). This prophecy has the distinction of being the shortest book  ...

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The vision of Obadiah. Thus says the Lord GOD concerning Edom: We have heard a report...

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Ahab seems to have held Obadiah in great honour, although he had no sympathy with his piety (5,6,7). The last notice of him is his bringing back tidings to Ahab ...

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Jan 15, 2014 ... Introduction from the NIV Study Bible | Go to Obadiah.

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The vision of Obadiah. Thus saith the Lord GOD concerning Edom; We have heard a rumour from the LORD, and an ambassador is sent among the heathen,

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The book of Obadiah is a book of Prophetic Oracles. The prophet Obadiah wrote it. Its authorship is difficult to date but was possibly written about 853-841 B.C. ...

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Obadiah, one of the twelve Minor Prophets, announces judgment on the nation of Edom for its sins against Judah and Jerusalem. Specifically, the prophet ...